CON-ventional Wisdom Ep. 15 – AJ Obando (DCC & Nerdtacular)

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This episode of CON-ventional Wisdom, has Josh Hawkes & Francis aka The Other Guy, talking with friend of the show, AJ Obando, CEO of Pop Cult Pins. (

This time around it’s talk about Denver Comic Con 2017, and all the shenanigans that happened. From voice actor reunions, to author interviews, Josh and AJ share their experience on the Con floor and in the panel room.

Francis shares his experience in Utah going to the final Nerdtacular, a convention put together by podcaster Scott Johnson and his many producers. A farewell on it’s tenth anniversary, Francis reminisces of the people he met and the fun time that he had.

We end the show with what’s coming up in your neighborhood in the latest and greatest conventions. Come join us and share this podcast with a friend!


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