What doesn’t kill you, may only make you more screwed up.

Everyone at one point or another will experience heart break. Some will be fine, act like life is normal, and others find their lives turned upside down and don’t recover, even though they can. I need a constant reminder that it takes time to heal wounds. All wounds. Does that make me a weakling or a wuss, even…I can’t believe I’m using him as a reference…but even Chad Ochocinco admits to it on his show. We all need to recover from being hurt.

Sorry for this short post, I will expand on this idea as I am typing this out on my phone. Its rather difficult, but pretty awesome.

Its Friday, ENJOY the weekend.

Happy Friday everyone, and thanks again for coming to the site. I don’t have much to say today because I’m extremely tired. I did the show last night, I was up until 4am making sure it was okay. So today, I blink and hours fly by. It amazes me how quickly this day is going by. But I guess, as I try to add a little bit of “advice” or suggestions every other day, here’s today’s.

Many of us are experiencing struggling times. Some of us are suffering financially, or we may be on unemployment. Some of us are struggling to make ends meet, or maybe we’re down to our last penny. No matter our situation, we have to stay positive and keep working hard to make our lives better. This is something I’m going through right now. I have very few possessions left, but I have things that keep me going, and keep me focused and positive. And you need to be too. Why? Well, why not? Is it better to wallow in self misery? Be more productive, make things better for yourself and your family, if you have one. Also…

Its the weekend, baby, let’s make the most of it. Go to the park, go fly a kite, take a walk, do something that keeps you from stressing too much. Then go back to the grind, keep looking for that job, keep you and your family safe, and keep your head held high. We’ll all find a way out of all this, we’ll all be okay in the end. I don’t know why I’m on my soapbox, because honestly, I’m normally not like this. But wow, we have to just keep moving forward, not looking back, and just do what you can.

Okay, even with my optimism, I keep my realism. We can only do what we can, for now. I hope you’re not one of those people struggling right now. I hope you are all doing well, or at least have hope that even if you’re not doing well, you will do well in the future. Each moment is a new moment for something good to happen. So let’s make those good things happen. Do something that makes you happy, and keep working on fixing those problems. Okay, wow…I apologize, still a bit tired. I believe in you though, you’ll make it.

I’m so ANGRY!! Let’s hug it out!!!

All over the news, alleged recordings (via radaronline) of Mel Gibson talking badly with his girlfriend (ex?) over the phone. I’ve listened to many talk shows discuss this subject as well as dissect it from different points of views. But I’m not going to talk about that, because…well, this isn’t a gossip site, but it does take into account a very important subject. Anger. From what I can tell, the person on the phone has a lot of anger issues. They are easily upset, they are quick to get extreme, to scream and with the calm voice of Oksana Grigorieva, would probably make him even more irate. Haven’t you been there before? Haven’t you been angry? Has it ever gone this far? I know I have. I’ve never struck a person, nor have I threatened to kill them, but my voice does go up and I do get flustered, and I do lose my temper, especially if the person I’m talking with knows exactly what buttons to press to get me there. But don’t we all do that? Guess what, you have a RIGHT to be angry. You can’t hold it in, but you need to be careful.

Despite the fact that we have a right to be angry, we don’t have a right to threaten or physically attack or abuse that person. The person we are angry at are people too, and yes, maybe they are being cruel by doing exactly what they know will piss you off. They’re doing that for a reason, it puts them in an advantage. It gives them the upper hand, and there’s a sense of accomplishment when you’re in the driver seat of someone else’s emotions. We do it too, we know we do, so why can’t we calmly accept that they’re just doing it because they’re angry too? Well, because of the obvious. WE are ANGRY! We have adrenaline flowing through our veins and we breathe like we ran a marathon. That’s okay, that’s good that we can express it to some degree, but we do need to control HOW we express it.

We are limited to what we can do when we’re angry. We should never just keep it in, because like a balloon, the more you fill it with air, and the more you fill yourself with un-vented anger, the more likely you are to eventually explode. But if you let out a little air/steam, you can keep yourself from going off the deep end. Instead, we need to go running, go biking, spar if you’re in a martial art. Ride your bike, go swimming, read, write, do something to let out all that steam. Honestly, the best way to relieve anger is sex, but if you’re arguing with the person you’re having sex with, that may not happen. You can’t demand it like the guy (alleged Mel Gibson) did on the recording, so you’ll have to stick with something else.

SOMETIMES, you can’t even find an appropriate way to let it all out. You need to find a kind of anger management. You might not know how to get rid of your anger, and it just grows day in and day out as you spend more time with the person who gives you that rage. Then get away, spend time away, hang out with the guys or the girls, do something ANYTHING, but get away and then when you’re calm…talk it out. If you can hug it out, hug it out. But you need to approach it from a level head, and you just need to get away. Hours, days, a week, however long it takes. Don’t let it get to the point to where you’re screaming, yelling, throwing things. The moment it gets there is the moment…it all begins to end.

What we wouldn’t do for (the possibility of) sex.

Day in and day out, on TV, movies, radio, and podcasts, sex is on the minds of the masses. We all think about it at one point or another, whether we’re a virgin or a seasoned pro. From the moment puberty hits, and even the curiosity of childhood, we experiment and play with thoughts of sex and with ourselves. It is the driving force for advertisement, for media, and for our everyday lives. And it doesn’t matter what age you are, with the advent of Viagra, it even helps those who can’t help themselves (“old people”). Its an amazing act, its an amazing drive, and its an amazing motivation for some of the dumbest things we do in life.

The biggest culprit of selling sex is the internet, and there are thousands, probably millions, of websites dedicated to some iteration of sex, and it puts a choke hold on our hormones. Women aren’t as susceptible by all this, as they are more mistresses of their domain, but men…gentlemen. We’ll spend money for it, we’ll buy expensive gifts for it, we’ll lie, cheat, and steal for it. And honestly, it doesn’t make sense. For a guy, its a short, huge hurrah…then it’s done. For a gal, it can last a long time, there can be multiple, and…well, I can only assume its more satisfying. You don’t fall asleep afterwards ladies, you get more energetic…so why don’t you crave it as much?

Men love it and crave it, and as I’ve observed and experienced for myself, and have done myself, we will do a lot for it. But even I, a guy, don’t get why its so powerful. Yes, we are engineered to want it, and to do it with as many women as possible. Its in our genetics (to a degree) to go ahead and plant our seed on as much fertile soil as we can. Its not an excuse, I mean, what else explains the stupidity that comes over us that keeps us up late at night, thet keeps us spending our hard earned cash, and the fuels a multibillion dollar porn industry? We don’t always think with our heads.

Has anyone out there been ab le to control it? To turn away from the “need” to go online and spend hours at porn sites, sit on chatroulette with your junk hanging out. Handsome to not…so handsome, we as men do it and women exploit it. Is that just the kind of world we live in? Women, do you get a kick out of manipulating us guys with sex? Is it for the money, the attention, or gifts, or is there something else to it? Do you even know you have that power over us?

I’m addicted to you.

After a few computer complications and crashes later, I am ready to talk about my next subject. Of course, this also means that Geek Love Radio is delayed a couple days, please bare with me as I try to figure out my computer woes. Unfortunately, I only have one usable computer. Anyway, despite that, I would like to talk about addiction, because I think that people of all shapes and sizes are addicted to something, and it can be anything. Everyday, we do things over and over that we don’t even notice, and its kind of scary actually. We get into the habit of doing the same thing over and over again and not realize that we are doing it. I’m not talking about obsessive compulsive disorder, but addiction.

We watch TV on a regular basis, and wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves should we miss our favorite shows. We go online day in and day out, on our computers and our phones to check Facebook, or Myspace, or maybe even just to check on Farmville. Some of us even have to sit with a controller in our hands and play video games for hours on end. Yes, we as a society are addicted, and it may sound obvious, but it can be really bad when it comes to our relationships.

But I’m not talking about regular addiction though, the kind you can see, but the everyday things we take for granted or maybe are just turning a blind eye to. Not everyone can see the addiction to coffee, or video games, or the internet, or TV. A lot of people accept it as a part of everyday life, and some of those things are fine if you’re alone or not social. And I’m not even going to touch on alcoholism or a drug dependency, that’s what rehab is for. We also know that those are dangerous and life threatening diseases.

I think we all need to take a minute to sit back and look at ourselves. I mean, really sit and think about us. Have you ever done that? Taken five minutes out of your day to find out what’s going on with you, reflecting on what happened in the last 24 hours. Maybe you’ll see patterns, or see how you’re neglecting family, friends or just people in general. Maybe you’re not as social anymore, and those are a lot of maybes. Hopefully you didn’t lose anything to your addiction, but it can be too much. Look for help, from your friends, family, or a therapist, and try to fix what can potentially be something wrong with you. And if you can do it on your own, try to cut it down and not give in to the addiction. Anything in moderation is a good thing, but if you do it day in and day out, your brain is going to melt down someday, and the relationships you cherish and developed, can go down the crapper. Yep, I said crapper.

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