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No Ordinary Stardew Valley

Radishes, ferns, and overalls oh my! That’s right No Ordinary Nerd is packing up and moving this podcast to the country life. We are talking all things Stardew Valley. The widely popular video game that is not only a place you can get rejected when asking someone to dance but you can harvest almost anything vegetable wise. So grab your pitchforks and prepare your farmers tan as special guest Francis Fernandez from the POI podcast joins us for an unforgettable Stardew Journey yee haw!


Sincere Sarcasm Ep. 8 – How Grown Ups Act

You’ve found yourself at Sincere Sarcasm, where it’s hosts, Dave the Drummer & Francis aka the Other Guy, talk all sorts of nonsense. This time around, they discuss Wizard World, & Francis’ continued love of doing panels. Then it’s onto romantic comedies of yesteryear, silly stories from around the web, and of course, they answer some questions. It’s all that and so much more, on this episode of Sincere Sarcasm.

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When a Nerd Starts Over: “I Do” becomes “I will never.”

No Ordinary Nerd’s Daniel Dayao, is kind enough to again have me on his podcast to talk relationships. Exerpt: Francis AKA The Other Guy guests on this episode of When a Nerd Starts Over. Team R.K.D. (Rice, Karaoke, Divorce) discusses getting married again, romance dying, 90s R&B…and Ryan Gosling? (and a bit about Wizard World!)

Sincere Sarcasm Ep. 7 – I Ain’t The Sharpest Shed in the Shed

More Sincere Sarcasm? You’re either incredibly lucky, or…that’s it. Dave the Drummer plays shows, Francis aka the Other Guy gets ready for another panel, and they come together for some 90’s music.

Then it’s onto some bad jokes, weird news around the world, and we learn the meaning of the word Cartoon. We top this cake of a podcast with some bad questions that are funnier than any answer we could come up with. It’s all that and more, on this week’s Sincere Sarcasm.

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When a Nerd Starts Over – Love, Speed Dating and Fanimecon! (Live and messy)

I was honored to guest on No Ordinary Nerd’s Daniel Dayao’s podcast, When A Nerd Starts Over as we talk about speed dating, love, and our Fanime Con experience.

Exerpt: (Sorry, this was live so please listen past the first 30 seconds of fuzz and soundchecks) This was a secret show deep in a hidden room at Fanimecon! We discuss love, nerdy speed dating with Francis and Chris.